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Have your wishes & prayers put into the western wall, The wall of wishes in Jerusalem, by a man of G-D. Complete discretion guaranteed

Dear Friend,
How would you like to have your note of prayer delivered directly to Jerusalem in its exact words, and put into the western wall, the wall of wishes?

The western wall is the holiest place in the Jewish religion. The last remnant of the second temple. Millions of believers attend every year and tuck their wishes, hopes & prayers into the wall of wishes. As a direct window to G-D ears.

So many people miss the elementary chance to write a note to the lord. Miss their chance to pray for healing, ask for happiness or love, for them or their beloved ones. A chance that every man alive supposed to have.

Imagine just how much your life would change if you were able to put your Wishes, Prayers Or Hopes in a note on that Wall.

That is exactly what I am going to do for you.

So What Exactly Is The Jerusalem Western Wall

The Jerusalem Western Wall, a remnant of the Second Temple, is considered to be the holiest place in the world.

According to the Kabbalah, it is where the divine presence of G-D rests and prayers are answered there. No wonder, then, that people travel from all over the world to partake in the long-standing tradition of placing inside the cracks of the Western Wall a slip of paper containing a prayer, a request, or a personal wish.

That is how we’re going to deliver your message

We going to Jerusalem especially to filming the Rabbi putting your note to the Western Wall and blessing your requests! At the end of the process we uploading the original video to YouTube and sending you a link!

We invite you to take part in this tradition of placing your wishes on this holy place. Whether you're praying for the health of a loved one, searching for your soul-mate or seeking divine guidance - we will deliver your request so that it may be empowered by the sanctity of this place.

We propose to have your personal wish placed in the Western Wall by an experienced Rabbi, in a beautiful ceremony with personalized prayers, which will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube to further strengthen and inspire you.

How Much Will This Cost?

We suggest the service of delivering your note, putting it in the wall, and filming the whole event for fixed price of 19 dollars

I think you realize that it’s the smartest 19 dollars you’ll spend in years, not money for toys and clothes, but a gift to the soul.

You may spend it at the movies or on a few new albums on iTunes, but how does that help your life?

The price above is just a drop in the ocean compared to what you are going to gain.

Here Are Few Testimonials From Some People Who Have Tried It.
Sarah Levin, 27: I've been looking for my soul mate for so long, that I was ready to give up. It seemed that I just couldn't find the right man. But about a month after all
Ben Sanderson, 42: I just wanted to thank you for helping me out during the hardest time of my life… I was hopeless. I had lost my job and was going to lose my all
If you do come to Jerusalem - I would suggest Dan hotel in Jerusalem. I promise you won't regret it