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How We Work

The holiest of holy places of Israel is The Jerusalem Western Wall. The wall said to be sacred as it is a remnant of the Herodian retaining wall that once enclosed and supported the Second Temple. People from all over the world send their Tzetel, a little piece of paper, a kind of note or message, to ask for the recovery of some ill persons, another will request for a soul mate, a third one will look for assistance to conquer a personal issue.

People who could not make their presence to the Wall, we enable them to send their notes to get their prayers granted.


  • A real rabbi receives your printed prayer (without any intermediary). 
  • Softly put it into the Wall. 
  • While putting it on the wall, he was photographed by our photographer. 
  • We upload the video into the YouTube. 
  • We send the YouTube link to our customers. 
  • In the whole procedure, we take 21 days. 

If you want to send your note The Jerusalem Western Wall, then get associated with us. We are popular as the whole process of inserting Tzetel into Wailing Wall is shot by means of video. Then we send the video to your email address which is mentioned in the form that you had filled. The other benefit of getting associated with us is, we comprise of real rabbis who accomplish the process of placing the note into Western Wall special. Moreover, the person will carry out all necessary procedures and ceremonies, including prayers and beatifications.