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One should bare in mind that in spite of the fact that Western Wall in Jerusalem is the holiest place for Jews hundreds of people come to Kotel Maaravi (the hebrew name of Western Wall) due to the fact of spiritual power of the place and the site itself.

The tradition to place a prayer or request written on a small piece of paper into a crack in the Wall is kept and followed by many people without distinguishing of faith and convictions. According to thousands testimonials collected the amount and types of requests are endless: one is asking for a speedy recovery for a sick person, another may be seeking his soul mate, yet another may be asking for G-d's guidance for a personal problem. And due to the testimonials of people many dreams really come true as is. Even the things that were out of any logic and seemed incredible fulfilled.

The testimonials can be found not only in web-sites concerning Western Wall and Jerusalem but in all kind of independent forums and blogs where people share their life experience. These testimonials force if not to change mind but to look at phenomena of Western Wall in another way.

We would love to hear the story about your miracle concerning Western Wall. If you have already written your testimony or prefer to send an e-mail, you can send your testimony