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Why sent a note to Jerusalem Western Wall?

Short history of The Jerusalem Western Wall.

The holiest of holy places of Israel is The Jerusalem Western Wall.The Western Wall is part of a vast retaining wall built by Herod around the Temple Mount; this is the most visible structure remaining from The Second Temple. It attracts thousands of Jewish worshippers daily, who come to pray and lay out their problems and seek for heavenly guidance. It is because the Divine Presence rests on the Western Wall more than other places. (Exodus 2:2 and Song of Songs 2:4)

What is Tzetel and why People place them into The Wailing Wall?

One of the ancient Jewish Traditions that are going back hundreds of years is to place a prayer, written on a small piece of paper, or Tzetel into a crack in the Wall. Many tears have been shed as a "Tzetel" has been put into the Western Wall. The amount and types of requests are endless: one is asking for a speedy recovery for a sick person, another may be seeking his soul mate, yet another may be asking for G-ds guidance for a personal problem. No matter what man asks for, a feeling that ones burdens are being shared and will be alleviated, is often felt after the tzetel, with sincere prayer, is inserted into the Wall.

Also, the Talmud teaches that all prayers ascend to heaven through Jerusalem, namely through the Western Wall. So praying or placing Tzetel into the Wall is like having a continual Prayer linked to the prime source.

There are uncountable numbers of acknowledged histories and cases, when the most improbable requests and desires written on sheet of paper, Tzetel, and placed into Western Wall, situated in Jerusalem, were fulfilled and came true.

An easier way to send a note to Western Wall.

Nowadays, due to the development of modern technologies, in order to place Tzetel into Jerusalem Wailing Wall there is no need to visit Israel. So far, having filled the necessary form on this web-site (LINK ON FORM) and having paid symbolic amount, everyone, not leaving home, is able to apply to G-d with request or wish. Every note will be rewritten by hand on sheet of paper, then the serial number will be appropriated to it, after rewritten Tzetel will be captured in close up format. The next stage, note will be placed into Jerusalem Western Wall. All process of inserting Tzetel into Wailing Wall will be shot by means of video. The video file that is fitted to practically all media players will be sent to email address which is stated in the form that you had filled.

It should be bared in mind that during the process of placing the note into Western Wall special person will fulfill all necessary procedures and ceremonies,including prayers and beatifications.

The advantages of such service are evident and incontestable. No necessity to arrange time off work, flights, hotels, babysitters, cabs, take plan special vacation, to order tickets, to take expenses concerning trip and habitation in Israel. Everything that you need, in order to insert note into Wailing Wall, in Jerusalem, is computer connected to network Internet and several minutes for filling form and writing a request.

Thus, everyone, no matter where he lives, and no matter his denominations are with no effort and without spending much money are able to experience and to feel on himself the magic power of the Jerusalem Wailing Wall.